How to Beat Psychological Erectile Dysfunction? Mental Block (ED)

How to Beat Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

The human psychological factor can have a deep impact on a person’s mental health and overall well-being. As we know, psychology plays a critical role in the systematic and scientific understanding of how consciousness functions in human beings, or rather, in all living beings that exist in this world.

But, can a person’s psychological characteristics be responsible for his erectile dysfunction condition? We ought to find this out with a little more understanding.

Erectile Dysfunction – Causes and Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is a rare condition occurring in males, both young and old, where the person experiences the inability to maintain lasting erection and sexual desire prior to and/or during sexual intercourse.

The testosterone level present in the male body is a vital hormone that is produced in the testes (male genital gland) and is responsible for increasing and decreasing erection and sexual desire. If the male sexual hormone lacks proper functioning, it can create other problems.

Because of this, the person may also suffer from depression and anxiety, which could lead to a downfall in the relationship between the partners/couples.

Causes of ED:

A condition such as erectile dysfunction can occur in most men due to the following reasons:

  • Low testosterone (male sexual hormone) level
  • Lack of proper diet, especially those rich in proteins
  • Less engagement in physical activities
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure or hypertension
  • Habits involving smoking, drinking alcohol, and drug addiction
  • Contraction of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • A side effect caused by other consumable items, medicines, drugs, etc.
  • Other underlying health conditions including past medical conditions

We can arguably say that a combination of physical and psychological challenges could become a significant cause of erectile dysfunction. For example, a physical condition, even minor in nature that slows down or reduces the sexual response in males might further cause issues like anxiety, especially when maintaining an erection before or during intercourse.

Research shows that several health problems have been attributed to causing erectile dysfunction in males, either in their early years to mid-adulthood or later in life. In many cases, erectile dysfunction can also be caused by conditions like enlarged prostate, high blood pressure, hypertension, atherosclerosis (clogged blood vessels), heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, sleep disorders, substance abuse, and the use of certain or excessive doses of medication drugs, etc.

Symptoms of ED:

When a person is affected with erectile dysfunction condition, he may experience several other problems, such as:

  • Weak or short-lived erection
  • Low sexual excitement
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Low sperm count
  • Depressed mood
  • Reduced energy
  • Other health complications

If the symptoms are persistent, the person should seek medical assistance from a doctor/physician immediately.

What is Psychological Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Generally speaking, psychological erectile dysfunction is a condition of the mind that affects a person’s feelings of sexual excitement through a series of conscious malfunctions combined with physical conditions and other factors.

The physical and mental connection in human beings allows them to have normal functionality and the ability to perform actions.

Causes of Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

A few known causes of psychological erectile dysfunction include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hypertension
  • Physical and mental stress
  • Relationship issues
  • Other physical and mental health conditions

These are a few known causes of psychological erectile dysfunction that can have a negative impact on the person’s intimacy, relationship, health, and lifestyle.

5 Simple Ways to Beat Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

A condition that is called psychological erectile dysfunction should be treated immediately before it gets worse. There are different ways to deal with this type of malfunction that weakens the mind of a person and prevents him from getting intimate with his partner.

Psychological erectile dysfunction can be overcome with a few simple solutions. These are as follows:

1. Seek Medical Consultation from Your Doctor

A condition like erectile dysfunction is becoming quite common in males, these days, this is no fresh news for doctors. So, do not shy away from seeking medical consultation from a qualified healthcare provider.

Doctors often prescribe doses of medication drugs, a few popular names being Viagra, Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, etc., which act as a stimulant thus, boosting the testosterone and libido in males, and in some cases, the estrogen level in women as well.

2. Reduce Mental Stress by Doing Physical Exercises

If a person is having erectile dysfunction due to psychological issues, then a good solution to cope with the condition is to do plenty of physical (and mental) exercises on a daily basis.

There are different kinds of physical activities which a person can be engaged with in order to enhance their physical as well as mental abilities. Walking, jogging, running, swimming, sports, and workouts at the gym are great for physical and mental health.

When mental stress is reduced, this helps in countering a lot of health conditions, including high blood pressure, hypertension, depression, anxiety, and other associated health problems.

3. Take a Healthy Diet for Physical and Mental Well-Being

Simply put, the human body and mind and all the interconnected internal systems need food, water, blood, and oxygen to function properly. Therefore, a healthy and balanced diet is a must for a healthy lifestyle. Eat foods that can kill erectile dysfunction, like salmon, berries, olive oil, grains, nuts, etc. You can also add fruit juice for ED, and overall improvement.

There are plenty of options e.g., green leafy vegetables, salads, garlic, beetroot juice, and more. Additionally, there are edible products such as dark chocolates that are made with ingredients that can help enhance the operations of the brain.

People who rely too much on supplements and medication drugs should try to reduce their excessive consumption and stick to organically available foods, vegetables and fruits, and cooked foods, of course. Apart from that, garlic, fenugreek, and essential oil can show improvement in the sex life, mentally, and physically also.

4. Abstain from Substance Abuse and Addiction

Most men develop erectile dysfunction conditions mainly due to substance abuse and addiction. Smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming illicit drugs, as well as excessive intake of medication drugs can have detrimental effects on the person’s body and mind.

For instance, the combination of medicines and alcohol can have a negative impact on various parts of the body, affecting the blood vessels (capillaries), heart, liver, and the functioning of other systems in the person’s body.

Intoxication and drug addiction are also known to cause many issues in the person’s psychological abilities.

5. Open Up Your Mind to Your Psychiatrist

Last, but not the least, there is no shame in seeking assistance from a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist can understand a person’s state of mind, delve deeper into their mental issues and bring out the better in the person.

Receiving therapy (with or without medication or drugs) from a psychiatrist can be quite beneficial to most people. This may also be useful, particularly for individuals and couples who are going through relationship problems impacting their intimate relationship and sex drive.

Wrapping Up

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction can occur if the person has discouraging thoughts planted in his troubled mind. This further takes away the confidence and willingness of producing sexual arousal or excitement in the affected person’s testosterone, thus, losing the ability to copulate with their partner.

Therefore, to overcome this condition, the above-mentioned solutions are worth giving a go!

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