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Duratia is a generic medicine that is scientifically called (Dapoxetine), it is mainly used to Treat Erectile Dysfunction in males. It increases blood enzymes in the blood vessel and expands serotonin activity in the male reproductive system. As we see the outcome of this it delays the ejaculation. If you want to buy Duratia online, first you need to talk to your doctor. Then consume it as per your doctor’s prescription. The effect of this medicine depends on person to person. Because it takes time around 1 hour to half an hour.

Before consumption of this medicine, you need to be careful about its side effect that will harm you in physical ways like you will feel dizziness or itchiness in your body and it mainly happens due to decreased blood flow or certain medical conditions.

How do we use Duratia medicine dosage?

Duratia is an antidepressant medicine that has been beneficial for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It works by raising the level of serotonin in the whole body. It results benefits men to achieve and maintain erections last a long day. But this medicine only shows its effect when a person is sexually excited.

Typically, Duratia (Dapoxetine) is available in tablet form, and the recommended dosage may vary depending on individual factors such as the severity of the condition, response to treatment, and any existing medical conditions.

Always remember to take this medicine with or without a meal. before planning sexual intercourse with your partner. If you want to take this medicine in various strengths then it is available in doses of 30,60,90 mg of tablets. this drug is easily available online and you will purchase this as per your need.

Here are some general guidelines, but again, always follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider:-

  • Maximum Dosage: The maximum recommended dosage of Dapoxetine is 60 mg within a 24-hour period. Do not exceed this amount.
  • Consume it empty stomach: Take this medicine with 200ml of water and Do not crush, break, or chew the tablet, as it is formulated for extended release.
  • Food: You can take Dapoxetine with or without food, but avoid excessive alcohol consumption while using this medication, as it may increase the risk of side effects.
  • Follow Doctor’s Advice: Always follow your doctor’s instructions and do not change the dosage or stop taking the medication without consulting them first.

What is the key objective of this medicine?

Duratia tablets mainly fulfill the dream of many men that can,t enjoy their sexual life for many reasons like unsatisfying their partner in bed or not being able to maintain their erection during sexual intercourse. Duratia improves levels of serotonin and activity which helps in ejaculation control and extends the time it takes to discharge. It also helps in the postponing of the ejaculation reflex and a longer period of intravaginal ejaculatory latency. As a consequence, premature ejaculation is prevented for a specific period of time.

There are several terms that we use while taking medicine:-

A product’s penetration power, in addition to its customer satisfaction, is its major achievement.

Before buying any goods, the consumer checks to see if the company is legit. And, especially in the case of drugs, never buy illegal products.

Since cheap clothes may not damage you, but if that cheap drug turns out to be some cheap replacement for Dapoxetine, that cheap medicine may harm you. It has the potential to induce deadly adverse effects that you cannot even conceive.

So, in the case of Duratia, it is completely a legit medicine prescribed by a Healthcare expert, and it is a well-known name in the pharmaceutical because it is always in high demand, you may acquire it from local medical stores or online.

What is the Duratia Tablet’s Mild Side Effect?

This drug does not contain any major side effects. This usual adverse effect does not endure long. and they will vanish after a while. However, 90% of men are not experiencing these negative effects; therefore, if you face these side effects on a regular basis, consult your doctor. Because Duratia is quickly absorbed and immediately removed, it does not cause serious harm to key organs such as the liver, heart, and kidney. As a result, it only shows small and general side effects.

There are some mild side effects of this medicine that we see rarely in men:-

  • Sweating
  • Blurred vision
  • Flushing
  • Anxiety
  • Gastro intestine Disorder
  • Diarrhea
  • Sleepiness
  • Nausea

Precautions that you Need to Keep in Mind While Using This Medicine:

When you consume Duratia it will affect your vision and whole body, so you need to avoid driving after taking this medicine. Because it unsafe task until your body can’t react in a proper manner or you need to take a break from driving and consult your medical expert for better treatment.

  • Keep this medicine out of the hands of kids.
  • It should only be used by men over the age of 18, even up to the age of 64.
  • This isn’t used to treat any kind of female disease.
  • It ought to be utilized if the individual taking it is well hydrated; otherwise, it could cause dizziness or fainting.


What is the main recommendation for this medicine?

The dosage of Duratia prescribed to each patient vary person to person’s lifestyle. That is why you need to follow your medical expert prescribed dosage for a better sexual life.

What does Duratia do for the treatment of ED?

Duratia delays the time it takes to discharge and may help with ejaculation control. This could decrease the frustration or stress associated with quick ejaculation. Duratia is a prescription drug used to treat premature ejaculation in adult men aged 18 to 64.