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About Us

A Wholehearted Welcome To The “PINKVIVA” Site:

With the rising problems of men’s health, PINKVIVA is a dedicated site that has been completely focusing on the treatment of ED & PE. With a simple-designed and well-structured site, a man can experience seamless and hassle-free ordering of medicine.

Keeping an eye on the price, PINKVIVA’s price point can be considered much lower than all the sites selling the same medicines. The reason behind the low pricing is to make the medicine avail to all irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Being a one-stop solution digital pharmacy of men’s health, we offer all the FDA-approved medicines adhering to WHO guidelines. And from the customer's safety perspective, we are managed and guided by a team of professional pharmacologists. In order to ensure the highest level of safety regarding their health.

By not limiting ourselves only to the prescribed medicine. Here in PINKVIVA, a customer can find generic versions, non-prescribed medicines along with over-the-counter medicines. And we ensure that a customer is getting the medicine in a legal and legitimate way. Leading to the safe & proper use of the medicine.

Things That Make Us Best Men's Health Site:-

Trust is that thing which helps to build great relationships with the customer. And with the same trust, PINKVIVA has been among one the top sites for men’s health. Because in the end customers are the ones whom we serve. Below are some of the functionality of PINKVIVA helping to pool a wide variety of customers.

Easy Way To Buy Medicine:-

Here easy refers to the process of buying medicine from the site without being redirected to other unnecessary pages. Even if a man without much experience in the online ordering site will be able to make an order. With easy instructions and navigational buttons.

Simplest Way of Placing An Order:-

After selecting the product and adding it to the cart. A person can easily fill the all the details regarding the payment option leading to the completion of an order. Which clearly shows how well & simply the site is designed.

Secure & Easy Payment Gateways:-

Almost every customer builds up doubt in their mind at the payment time. With regard to fraud & scams that can take place, PINKVIVA always maintains a safe standard of payment. Encrypting all the data for safety purposes.

High Standard Of Quality Check:-

To maintain a proper SOP of quality checking, the team thoroughly goes through all the products. Seeking for necessary things like contents of the order, expiry date of the product and price of the product. That minimises the percentage of returning orders.

Quick & Free Delivery System:-

After confirmation of the order, the backend team quickly process it and tries to maintain a minimum amount of time, being taken to dispatch. After handling it with the courier team, a particular dedicated team of delivery boys tries their best to deliver within 6-10 business days.

Safe & Proper Packing:-

Regardless of the thorough quality checking. The responsible packing team maintains a discreet & confidential delivery of the medicine. Where a customer can feel the standard of safe & proper packing leading to the satisfaction that is kept forward despite the sale.

Easy refund & Cancelation Policy:-

The customer is the king. By keeping this value in front of us in the event of returning the medicine or cancellation of it, we don’t ask any questions. Which assists in the smooth process of an easy refund & free cancellation policy.
Assuring With The

Customers Privacy Policy:-

Though it is a matter of trust between the team of PINKVIVA & customer which helped PINKVIVA to reach this level. With respect to this, we value your personal information and medical information. That leads to utmost care & adherence to the regulations.

Continuous Running Offers & Discount’s:-

Every customer wants some good deal on the products. So to make the customer satisfied, PINKVIVA has always got some running offers & discounts that make the customer delightful.

Accepting All Major Payment Facilities:-

In this world of modern multiple payment options, getting stuck in a traditional & conventional way could lead to a futile situation. So to match the customer’s preference, we have multiple and major payment facilities that can really help the customers to pay their bills.