20 Best Condoms for Erectile Dysfunction (Long Lasting Erection)

Best Condoms For Erectile Dysfunction

While condoms (also called rubbers) are typically used during sexual activity to protect people from either transmitting or acquiring HIV, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), or for birth control, they may also be helpful for males with erectile dysfunction (ED) to have a long-lasting sex drive.

Today, condoms come in different types (lubricant or latex), sizes, and flavors (with or without scent) for lasting pleasure. Also, the use of latex and lubricants in their manufacturing makes most of these condoms provide a lasting sex drive by delaying ejaculation.

Thus, such types of condoms that can provide lasting sex drive can be a great option for men with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems allowing them to satisfy their pleasure and that of their partner, too! By the way, it’s not a tough task to deal with these men’s health issues, you can try out some home remedies for premature ejaculation, and also for ED like fenugreek, essential oils, cloves, and garlic.

Here, we’re going to look at some of the best-selling condoms for males with erectile dysfunction to have long-lasting pleasure during their sexual intercourse.

20 Best Versatile Condoms to Delay Premature Ejaculation and Increase Lasting Sex

One of the major drawbacks of erectile dysfunction (ED) conditions in males is premature ejaculation during intercourse. Various condoms claim to benefit individuals with premature ejaculation or those who want to last longer during sex.

Most condoms contain benzocaine, a numbing agent that can help you last longer and prevent premature ejaculation. Also, people who are allergic to latex condoms can choose non-latex condoms which are equally as effective.

Adam & Eve’s Marathon

Adam & Eve’s Marathon condoms have their inner part coated with a special cream-like climax control desensitizer that stops men from having premature orgasms.

Its outer part has long-lasting lubricant, ensuring a smooth and slippery sensation. It is excellent for any prolonged sex plays with its delaying features. However, the desensitizer is quite strong and can make you numb longer than necessary.

Durex Extra Time

Durex Extra Time condoms provide you the extra time you need to delay your orgasm during intercourse.

Its inner part has a climax-control lubricant (benzocaine), allowing you to maintain an erection much longer as you pump and hump away. The rubber latexes are straight-walled and teat-ended for additional comfort.

Durex Mutual Climax

Durex Mutual Climax condoms are lined internally with the desensitizing agent benzocaine. But its exterior sheath boasts spots and ridges. That is because the texture can increase sensitivity for the receiver. On the inside, they contain 5% benzocaine to delay ejaculation.

In other words, these rubbers make for longer and more pleasurable sex. These rubber latex condoms may help people last longer while enhancing satisfaction in partners.

Durex Performax Intense

Durex Performax Intense condoms are a good choice if prolonging intimate pleasure is your goal. These condoms are made with a desensitizing, climax-control lubricant on the inside, and a ribbed and dotted texture on the outside to maximize the experience.

These condoms are comfortable with a secure fit and include a reservoir tip for safety. These latex condoms contain 5% benzocaine to desensitize the penis and delay ejaculation.

Durex Performa Intense Mutual Climax

Durex Performa Intense Mutual Climax condoms are made with innovative designs and textures that promise nothing but the most tingling sensations.

The delay condoms contain 5% benzocaine in their inner coating to help you perform longer. It also has a lubricated outer layer that will make things smoother for both partners.

Durex Performax Intense Natural Rubber Latex

Durex Performax Intense Natural Rubber Latex condoms are made with silky and pleasurable latex and a lubricant that is formulated to make him last longer. The ribbed and dotted texture is perfect for her, giving both of you ultimate pleasure with the protection of a latex condom.

This brand of condoms, however, arrive discreetly and are easy to store and carry around.

Durex Prolong Climax Control Latex

Durex Prolong Climax Control Latex condoms are ribbed and dotted textured condoms that are designed with climax control lubricant. They are made for optimum pleasure along with all of the other benefits that condoms provide such as protection from pregnancies and STIs.

Overall these are excellent condoms for those who are looking to last a little bit longer during intercourse.

Durex Prolong Delay

Durex Prolong Delay condoms feature benzocaine, ultra-thin, ribbed design, and lubricated substance that helps last longer. It is a high-quality latex condom with ribbed and dotted texture, giving more sensation to your partner. The inside has a heat-activated climax control lubricant, making you last longer, while the outside has silky smooth lubrication.

Furthermore, Durex has electronically tested each condom for strength, flexibility, and reliability; hence you make sure they’ll do a great job protecting you from unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

Erotim Long Love

Erotim Long Love studded condoms are perky and in some ways, innovative with their unconventional stud designs. Its inner part is furnished with an orgasm retarding agent to stop you from ejaculating only a few minutes into your sex play. These condoms have a long numbing effect but have limited availability.

Furthermore, each Erotim Long Love condom is made of organic caoutchouc latex, features a reservoir tip, and is naturally colored.

LifeStyles Extra Strength

LifeStyles Extra Strength condoms feature an extra-thick material design, made from latex and lubricated to avoid numbing and provide extended pleasure. They do not contain active ingredients or anesthetics for desensitization.

This may make them suitable for people sensitive to ingredients such as benzocaine or lidocaine. Another perk is that they’re lubricated on the outside.

LifeStyles SKYN Non-Latex Lubricated

LifeStyles SKYN Non-Latex Lubricated condoms are latex-free, but contain lubricant for added pleasure. SKYN is known for its non-latex (polyisoprene) condoms.

It can be a good choice if you or your partner are allergic to latex. While this brand of condom isn’t explicitly marketed as a delay or extended play condom, it can help last longer, and it is allergy-friendly than other rubbers.

LifeStyles SKYN Regular

LifeStyles SKYN Regular condoms are made of polyisoprene, a synthetic rubber that people with latex allergies can use. In addition to having the best feel and scent, SKYN Regular condoms transmit heat and sensation wonderfully, come in an elegant and easy-to-open package, and are available at almost any drug store.

It is the best average-fit condom offering a skin-like sensation and great heat transfer, too. SKYN condoms are widely available and affordable and safe for people with latex allergies.

LifeStyles SKYN Selection Non-Latex Condoms Variety Pack

LifeStyles SKYN produces non-latex polyisoprene condoms. This material could be a suitable alternative for those individuals or partners allergic to latex. The company states that the condoms feel soft. It claims that individuals should feel as if they are not wearing anything.

Interestingly, some buyers say that even though these condoms feel great, they make them last longer. Some say that they love these despite not liking condoms in general.

NottyBoy 4IN1 Climax Delay

If you struggle with occasional bouts of premature ejaculation but find ultra-thick rubbers a major turn-off, then this 4-in-1 party pack from US brand NottyBoy could be your best bet.

Each NottyBoy latex condom is ribbed, dotted, contoured, and pumped full of benzocaine lubricant to give you and your lover maximum pleasure tonight. And with a whopping 36 condoms in every pack, that’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Okamoto Zero Zero Four 004

The Okamoto Zero Zero Four 004 is one of the thinnest natural-latex condoms available in the US. The sensitivity of the sheer latex, the lack of odor, and the quality of the lubricant on this condom are great in comparison with other models.

This condom works well both for people who have slim penises and don’t require a super-snug fit, as well as for people with penises on the narrower end of the average-size range.

Pasante Delay Infinity

The Pasante Delay Infinity condoms are lined with lidocaine, which is stronger than benzocaine, another common numbing agent used in many different condoms. These latex condoms are transparent with a smooth finish and contain 1% lidocaine hydrochloride.

That means you won’t be able to feel quite as much as you would with other options. But for people seriously trying to elongate their play, that could be a perk! The intensity of the numbness also makes these a good choice for you and your partner.

Trojan Extended Climax Control Lubricated

Trojan Extended Climax Control Lubricated condoms are perfect if you’re looking to prolong pleasure and performance. Not only are these effective at protecting from pregnancies and STIs, they are also designed ergonomically to provide maximum pleasure for him and her.

Easy to use and pre-lubricated, they are perfect for couples who are looking to extend their time during intercourse.

Trojan Extended Pleasure

Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms feature benzocaine, ultra-thin design, and lubricant for long-lasting sex. These condoms contain benzocaine to desensitize the penis and prolong sexual activity. They contain a lubricant on the outside to increase moisture for a partner.

They’re coated with a lubricant on the outside to increase the pleasurable slide-and-glide that makes sex feel better for your partner.

Trustex Extra Strength

Trustex Extra Strength condoms are one of the best condoms for erectile dysfunction or for longer-lasting sex. It has a reservoir tip and sufficient lubrication to provide ease and smoothness for a better experience.

The condoms come in different colors like green, purple, black, blue, yellow, and orange. The major downside is it’s very often out of stock.

Unidus Long-Love

Unidus Long-Love condoms can provide you with the necessary delay to make your partner want more and for you to have the most intense climax ever.

The extended pleasure condoms are natural-looking and electronically tested, but the condom size may be too small for men with big penis.

Wrapping Up

These brands mentioned above of condoms can be a good option for people with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems that often make their pleasure feel short.

One can easily find condoms for long-lasting sex at any drug store. Each brand of condoms contains information on its product label so that customers know what they want.

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