Food That Causes Erectile Dysfunction: What Not To Eat

Food That Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Ever thought that there can exist some food that causes erectile dysfunction in men? though it may sound like something unheard of or new. Yet, there are a lot of food items that we eat regularly, and have no idea how severely it is affecting us.

ED is one of the prevalent and agonized disorders that has affected 52% of men worldwide. And it mainly takes place due to the inadequate or improper flow of blood to the penile area. Which correlates with the consumption of certain foods that increase the chance of high blood pressure & high cholesterol. By affecting our blood vessel health.

Remember that “ you become what you eat”. This statement suggests that our total health depends on what we consume now, which will reflect after a certain age. So maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour.

To achieve an optimal or maximum level of sexual satisfaction your current health condition matters a lot. As factors like your cardiovascular, nervous system, and blood vessels play a major role in penile function. And the proper selection of foods can keep these factors in check. While the opposite can hurt the penis.

So without making this introduction more lengthy. Let’s find out what food items that are causing ED. Which can create a healthy awareness for men by saving them from ED.

List of Food Items That Causes Erectile Dysfunction:-

So here are some of the food items that are said to be the main reason for causing ED or impotence:-

Fried Foods:-

Everybody knows that fried food can higher the risk of cholesterol levels, heart disease, obesity, diabetes & cancer. But still, most people prefer to eat even if the preparation place is unhygienic.

This fried food generates obesity which can directly affect erectile dysfunction. So maintaining it as a side item rather than making it a staple food can bring better results.

Red Meat:-

Red Meat mainly contains saturated fats( fat that contains a high level of fatty acid). This saturated fat increases cholesterol levels and is closely associated with heart disease. By creating blockages in the coronary arteries.

The presence of saturated fat blocks the size of arteries that are responsible for blood supply into the penis.

Rather choosing a low-fat protein can help to maintain a healthy heart.

Packed Foods:-

Foods that are kept in plastics or cans for further use, contribute a part of erectile dysfunction. The container that preserves the food contains Bisphenol-A (BPA). Which is a certain type of chemical that suppress sexual hormones.

Decreases in sexual desire, infertility, and erectile dysfunction are some of the leading causes of BPA.
A mainstream BPA-containing item is the plastic water bottle. Which is used by everybody.

Salt or Foods Containing High In Sodium:-

Consumption of excessive salt directly increases the chances of high blood pressure. And this rise in high blood pressure can cause cardiovascular disease and slows down the blood flow. All these factors cause a slower erection.

Soy & Flaxseed:-

Though both are considered as nutritious. But taking too much soy or flaxseed in your diet can increase estrogen levels while decreasing the production of testosterone & lowering the sexual libido. Our body demands a balance between estrogen & testosterone but with the use of soy & flaxseed, this balance is cut off.
And it can be linked to the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Sugar or Refined Carbs:-

Constant use of high-sugar food items can cause damage to blood vessels & nerves. Damage to the blood vessels can lead to the restriction of blood flowing to the sexual organs. And this restriction can cause ED.

Mainly energy drinks contain more sugar which helps to boost energy. Long-term use of it also causes diabetes as these are refined carbs or processed sugar drinks.


Excess of everything is bad for health. Just like that overdosing on alcohol can be a great concern for erectile dysfunction or impotence. And excessive use of alcohol can lead to low levels of testosterone in the body.
To increase your testosterone levels, check out some of the best testosterone boosters for erectile dysfunction on Pinkviva.

So these are the list of the worst food that causes erectile dysfunction. While the use of certain foods items can also curb erectile dysfunction that is mentioned below:-

  • Berries:- Rich in antioxidants
  • Fish like Salmon:- Contains omega-3 fatty acids
  • Olive Oil:- Great source of healthy fats
  • Grains or Pulses:- Mediterranean diet
  • Nuts:- Rich In High-Density Lipoprotein( good cholesterol)
  • Dark Chocolates:- Reach in flavanols
  • Garlic:- Has a lot of nutrients

For better & clarified information check on foods that can kill erectile dysfunction. Along with some of the best juice for erectile dysfunction which has shown significant advancement in one’s sexual performance.

So, How Long It Will Take to See Changes If the Diet is Changed?

See there is no set time frame for seeing or feeling the changes. It entirely depends on the severity of erectile dysfunction & individual routine. And even after changing the diet if you don’t feel any changes then it might be the lifestyle that is creating a hindrance. But for a clear understanding of your current health condition consult with a doctor or Urologist.

Apart from food, there exist certain effective medicines which can treat erectile dysfunction in a better way. The medicines are bifurcated into generic and branded.

Some of the well-known generic medicines are:-

Branded ED meds are:-

The main difference between generic & branded ED medicines lies in the price. As branded medicines are packed with fancy covers and it involves a lot of marketing & promotion. Which is mainly done to acquire sales and marketplace.
While on the other hand, generic medicines don’t involve any kind of fancy things. Making it low key product, but the effectiveness of both products remains the same.

To Summarize

The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle cannot be stressed in today’s fast-paced environment. Your health depends on the type of food you are consuming. While one of the things that go unnoticed is the effect of foods on our sexual health condition.

Diet adds a lot of factors that are responsible for erectile dysfunction. Eat the food that tunes up your heart, hormones & health. Did you know? Walking for just 30 minutes a day has a connection with eliminating the risk of erectile dysfunction.

A combined act of selecting foods & minimum exercise can give you a great style & good immunity to fight various health conditions.

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